Change Markets-Professional foreign exchange investment butler

  • 30+Trading varieties

    Covers global popular trading varieties such as foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock indexes, etc.

  • 10+Trading advantage

    Real-time transaction, high leverage ratio, 0.01 minimum trading lot, spread as low as 1.1%, etc.

  • 2+trading platform

    Independent research and development, special trading software for the Asia-Pacific region, international MT4 software

  • 99%Fast order transaction

    Millisecond transaction speed, stable and safe, transparent and reliable

  • 5+service

    Real-time deposit, fast withdrawal, professional online customer service, exclusive customer service, product risk assessment report

  • 4+risk control

    Stop loss limit/stop loss/traveling stop loss, guaranteed stop loss, free notification, negative balance protection

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  • Gold/dollar
  • Crude oil/dollar

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  • 5M
  • 15M
  • 30M
  • 1H
  • Day K

Investment is risky, you need to be cautious when entering the market

Change markets MT4 trading platform
International general global trust :

  • A variety of custom functions, ultra-low spreads
  • Pre-set profit/stop loss before opening a position
  • 31 graphical analysis tools, 30 technical indicators
  • 2 execution modes, 4 order types
  • One-click trading and embedded news system
  • Support one-click transaction, moving stop loss and partial closing functions

World-class support and resources

Trade on the most popular market in the world and explore unlimited trading options. We provide thousands of financial instruments, free real-time quotes and 24/7 online support.

7*24 Professional customer service

Online account diagnosis

Daily market analysis

Online customer service

Daily market analysis
Change Markets information platform provides the most objective market analysis and the most comprehensive market interpretation every day

Why choose Change Markets?

Change Markets has always regarded integrity and service quality as its mission, and is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and thoughtful investment services.
With Change Markets, I believe you can get more profit opportunities in the investment market.

Low spreads & competitive prices

3 account types

4 product categories

2 trading platforms