Privacy Policy
CHANGE MARKETS respects personal privacy and attaches great importance to the relationship with customers, and is proud to provide customers with privacy protection on personal data and obtain customer support and respect; all personal data collected in accordance with strict security measures will be Be protected.

The privacy policy of CHANGE MARKETS is to protect the rights and interests of customers in accordance with the personal data (privacy) regulations, to facilitate customers to open and maintain foreign exchange and commodity CFD trading accounts, and to provide transaction and consulting services. Huyi Market loyally keeps the personal information provided by customers confidential. Except for legal approval, CHANGE MARKETS will never give any non-public information to anyone. When a customer opens or maintains a trading account in the exchange market, the personal data provided will only be used for the company’s internal business purposes, such as assessing the needs of the customer’s financial situation, processing customer transactions and other requirements, and providing related products and services. Provide general transaction services and confirm customer identity according to regulatory procedures.

The information that Change Markets needs customers to provide in order to operate includes:

(a) Personal information provided on the account application form of CHANGE MARKETS and other forms, such as name, address, date of birth, ID number, occupation, assets and income information, etc.

(b) Transaction information about customers and CHANGE MARKETS and its affiliates.

(c) Information about the customer survey report company.

(d) Information about verifying the identity of customers, such as government documents, passports or driving licenses.

CHANGE MARKETS will only provide limited access to the information provided by customers and contact employees to provide relevant customer service and product introductions. CHANGE MARKETS also only authorizes new account applications and reputation inspectors to access relevant information through the electronic system. These procedural requirements are all to protect customers' non-public information from being disclosed and protect customers' privacy. The reciprocity market will not sell or lease the customer's name and personal information to any person.

About Cookies
Cookies are a tracking device on the customer's hard drive that can track and store information about the customer's use of online services. CHANGE MARKETS may set and store CHANGE MARKETS cookies on the client's computer to help CHANGE MARKETS understand advertisements and promote websites that attract customers to browse. CHANGE MARKETS and its affiliates and branches may use cookies in CHANGE MARKETS' products and services to track customers' browsing on the CHANGE MARKETS website. The collected and shared information is unnamed and cannot be individually identified.

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