Crude oil investment is an important international investment project. It has the advantages of low entry barriers and high capital utilization. It implements a T+0 trading system, which can repeatedly make multiple lots every day. It has leverage and improves the utilization of investors' funds; it has a two-way trading mechanism of buying up and buying down, and there are investment opportunities whether the price rises or falls.

What are the benefits of trading crude oil?

Speculation, portfolio investment, risk diversification
You can go long and short
There is no limit on the daily limit, and the market is relatively easy to grasp
There is no dealer manipulation, the market is relatively pure, and there is no problem of insider trading and bad debts

WTI crude oil:

WTI crude oil is the intermediate crude oil of West Texas in the United States. The crude oil futures contract has good liquidity and high price transparency, and is one of the three benchmark prices in the world crude oil market. All crude oil produced in the United States or sold to the United States is priced based on light and low-sulfur WTI.

Brent crude oil :

Brent crude oil, English Brent oil, is produced in the Brent area of the North Atlantic Ocean. London Intercontinental Exchange and New York Commodity Exchange all his futures trading, which is the benchmark of market oil prices.

Use the reciprocity market to trade foreign exchange

  • Floating spread

    The mutual exchange market provides floating spreads so that you can accurately understand the price paid during the transaction.

  • Negative balance protection

    No matter what happens during the transaction, you can rest assured that your account balance will never be less than zero.

  • Free guaranteed stop loss

    Set the lowest price you feel comfortable with, and set a stop loss to close the trade when that price is reached. Provide you with excellent risk management tools at no additional cost.

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