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1. Internet failure:

Since Change Markets cannot control the signal capability, the reception of signals through the Internet and the reliability of the structure of the client's equipment or connection, Change Markets is not responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays in transactions on the Internet.

2. Market risk and online trading:

Precious metals and foreign exchange transactions involve considerable risks, which are not suitable for everyone. Please refer to the detailed introduction in the customer contract. No matter how convenient or efficient online transactions are, it does not reduce the risks of precious metals and foreign exchange transactions.

3. Password protection:

The customer must keep the password confidential to ensure that third parties cannot access the trading facilities. The client agrees to be responsible for all instructions sent via email and all instructions sent to the reciprocity market via email, verbal or written, even if they are issued by a third party, these instructions have been authenticated with the customer’s password and account number, according to the reciprocity market The judgment of is believed to be superficial authorization. Huyi Market is not responsible for making further inquiries about this apparent permission, nor is it responsible for the consequences of actions or non-actions in accordance with these instructions or actions taken.

4. Quotation error:

When certain quotation or transaction price errors occur, Change Markets will not be responsible for insufficient margin, balance, profit or loss, and/or positions in the account caused by the error. These errors include, but are not limited to: trader's wrong quotation, non-international market price quotation, or any quotation error (for example: hardware, software or network problems, or incorrect information provided by a third party). When placing an order, you need to reserve enough time to execute the order and the system calculates the required margin time. If the execution price of the order or the order setting is too close to the market price, it may trigger other orders (regardless of the order type) or issue a margin reminder. Change Markets will not be responsible for margin reminders, account balances or account positions due to the system's insufficient time to execute orders or perform calculations. The above shall not be regarded as an exhaustive list. In the event of a quotation or execution error, Change Markets reserves the right to make corrections or adjustments. Any disputes about quotation and transaction errors can only be resolved by Change Markets at its sole discretion. If this causes any loss, damage or liability, the customer agrees to compensate so that Change Markets is not harmed.

5. Set stamp:

Internet, connection delays and errors in quotation sometimes cause the quotations displayed on the Change Markets trading platform to not accurately reflect the real-time market prices. "Hashing" and "cutting foreign exchange", or the behavior of profiting from the price difference due to the delay of network connection, cannot exist in the over-the-counter market where customers directly trade with the dealer. Change Markets does not allow customers to conduct such hedging behaviors on the company's trading platform. Transactions that rely on hedging opportunities due to price lag may be cancelled. Change Markets reserves the right to make necessary modifications and adjustments to the accounts involved in the above transactions. Change Markets may, at its sole discretion, require traders to intervene or verify all orders and or terminate the accounts of relevant customers. Change Markets can completely resolve disputes arising from hedging or price manipulation on its own. Change Markets reserves the right to withhold withdrawals until the above problems can be resolved. Any actions or resolutions stated here will not damage or cause Change Markets to waive any power or compensation to customers and its employees.

6. Price, order execution and platform control

Change Markets strictly prohibits any form of manipulation of its price, execution and platform. If Change Markets suspects that any account is engaged in manipulation, Change Markets reserves the right to investigate and review the account, and deduct the profits earned from related activities from the suspected account. Change Markets reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant accounts. For accounts suspected of engaging in manipulation, Change Markets may, at its sole discretion, require traders to intervene, verify orders, and terminate the accounts of relevant customers. For any disputes caused by stamping and/or manipulation, Change Markets is completely autonomous. Change Markets may at its discretion decide to report the incident to any relevant regulatory or law enforcement agency. Any actions or resolutions stated here do not exempt or impair Change Markets' rights or compensations to customers and its employees, and all are expressly reserved rights or compensations.

7. Bankruptcy Disclosure

The customer's transaction with Change Markets is not conducted on the exchange. Once Change Markets goes bankrupt, customers may not get the priority of repayment if they recover the deposit funds or the profits earned in the transaction from Change Markets. Without priority repayment, customers are unsecured creditors, and will receive compensation from other creditors only after paying those priority claims.

8. If the customer transfers the transaction authorization or the management of his account to a third party (hereinafter referred to as the "introducer"), no matter in an autonomous or non-autonomous way, Change Markets will never make a choice to the customer Responsible or make any recommendations for this. Change Markets does not make any statement or guarantee to the relevant trading introducer; Change Markets is not responsible for the losses incurred to customers due to the actions of the trading introducer; Change Markets does not give any implicit or direct support or approval for the operation of the trading introducer . If the client authorizes the client introducer to manage his account, the client does so at his own risk.

9. Change Markets cannot control, nor support or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of precious metals and foreign exchange transactions that customers have or will obtain from the introducer or any other non-Change Markets employees. Please refer to the introducer's disclosure). If the introducer or any other third party provides customers with any information or suggestions about precious metals and foreign exchange, Change Markets will never be responsible for the losses caused by the use of the above information or suggestions. The client understands that the introducer or various third parties, including the sellers who sell transaction systems, courses, research or recommendations, may or may not be regulated by government agencies. Customers should fully comply with relevant local laws, including obtaining the consent of the government or other parties in order to comply with any other procedures that must be followed in these regions or jurisdictions, and the need to pay any local double tariffs due to the use of this platform for transactions , Tariffs and other amounts. When a customer conducts transactions on this platform, it will be deemed that the customer declares and warrants to Change Markets that it has complied with local laws and regulations. If the customer has any questions about the situation, please consult a professional consultant.

10. All customers must be aware that any return guarantee is illegal. In addition, Change Markets is not responsible for any allegations or guarantees made by Change Markets, its employees and/or affiliates except for written records.

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