Account type and account opening process introduction

Dear Customer:

Hello, this is the customer service department of Huyi Market. Thank you very much for your support. In order to help you understand the process of online account opening, this email is sent to make it easier for you to open a trading account with our company and seize investment opportunities.

(1) Account type description: In order to meet the investment needs of different types of customers, our company provides 3 types of trading accounts; click for details [Account Type Introduction] Check it out.

(2) Description of account opening process: The company provides an online account opening method, and you can complete the account opening by filling in the corresponding information according to the process, which is very convenient.

Go to our official website, click to open a real account, or click immediately 【Registration on PC version】 Or 【Mobile version registration】, You can operate the account opening process.

Only three minutes to complete the entire account opening process, through Online Banking RMB to make a deposit, you can immediately trade after success, and grasp the market situation, Increase profit opportunities!


1. Trading platform: It is recommended that you choose the "MT4" trading software. On the trading platform, you can instantly buy and sell 20 currency pairs, 2 precious metal products, and 2 crude oil products, namely stock index products.

2. After submitting the account opening information, the page will display the account opening "Account opening successful". At this time, you need to check the "mobile phone text message" or check the account password in the "registered mailbox".

(3) Account capital injection instructions: You can directly click on 【Member Center 】 Deposit funds and seize investment opportunities in time.

MT4 deposit process: After entering the member center, click [Deposit] to operate.

Mobile terminal operation process:

(4) Platform download instructions: official website to download APP software. According to the account you opened, select the corresponding trading platform to log in.

change app download: 【Mobile Android Version system download]; [Mobile IOS version system download].

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service click hereOnline customer service to contact us.