CHANGE MARKETSAgree that the customer opens one or more accounts, and may provide customers with relevant trading foreign exchange and commodity CFDs through or through the customer's mutual exchange market account.

1. Terms and Statements “Change Markets” The term includes Exchange Market Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries and branch offices, heirs and transferors. The term “customer” refers to the party (or parties) that entered into this agreement. The term “agreement” includes all other agreements or authorizations made by customers at any time to maintain their reciprocal market accounts. The headings of the paragraphs of this agreement are added for the convenience of examination. Does not limit or affect the application and meaning of paragraph clauses.

2. Binding effect This agreement (including the risk disclosure statement, customer notice, this customer agreement and account opening application) will continue to be valid, and covers all accounts opened or reopened by customers in the Change Markets at any time, regardless of any mutual exchanges. Changes in the personnel of Yi Market or other heirs, assignors or affiliates. In the event of a merger, merger or other change, this agreement (including any authorization) will adapt to the interests of the reciprocity market or other heirs or transferors, and it will treat customers and their inheritors, trustees, administrators, legal representatives, and heirs. And the transferor are binding. The customer approves all transactions with the Change Market before the date of this agreement and agrees that the customer's rights or obligations related to this transaction shall be governed by the terms of this agreement.

3. Agreement acceptance Only after the Change markets has confirmed and approved, this agreement can be regarded as accepted by the Change Markets or become a binding contract between the customer and the mutual Change markets.

4. Trading authorization Change Markets can match orders and/or place market orders with some or all of the customer's trading orders. Change Markets is authorized to conduct foreign exchange and commodity market buying or selling transactions for the client's account in accordance with the client's oral, written and trading tool software instructions to counterparties such as banks, institutions or senior participants. Unless the client objects in writing, Change Markets is authorized to execute all orders with counterparties such as banks, financial institutions or senior participants deemed suitable by the Exchange Market. Change Markets has the right to comply with all oral, written, and trading tool software instructions received from customers, including senior employees, partners, legal persons in charge (authorized person), as long as Change Markets has not received the customer's notification authorization. People are not authorized. The client authorizes Change Markets to rely on and execute any instructions, authorizations or information that appear to be obtained from the authorized person. The resulting methods include electronically transmitting or obtaining fax documents approved by customers. Therefore, the client agrees that (i) Change Markets is authorized to execute the instructions, and does not need to consult the validity of the instructions and treats the instructions as written instructions issued by the authorized person; (ii) In any case, Change Markets does not need to verify the instructions The validity or signature of any individual case; (iii) In the case of Change Markets acting in good faith and without negligence, the customer will bear all the risks of unapproved instructions issued by any representative, employee, or agent, The client will be responsible for any losses, expenses, remuneration, damages, expenses, claims, litigation or demands, and promises that Change Markets will not be held liable or demand compensation, and that Change Markets will not cause losses due to the above circumstances, including any related issues arising from Change Markets’ actual action, delayed action or refusal to take action, any instructions or information provided by the customer to Change Markets, including improper, unauthorized or fraudulent instructions issued by the customer’s employees, agents or representatives, even if the instructions are not obtained Customer authorization. Change Markets has the right to limit the total number of orders placed by customers each time. Change Markets reserves the right to limit the amount and/or total number of positions acquired or held by customers. Change Markets will endeavor to execute the orders it chooses to accept in accordance with the instructions of the client's computer or answering phone. Change Markets reserves the right to refuse to accept any orders or guarantee market hedging. However, Change Markets will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by events, actions or omissions that Change Markets cannot directly or indirectly control. This situation includes but is not limited to any delays in the transmission of orders or information due to failures in transmission or communication facilities. Or loss or damage caused by inaccuracies.

5. Government, counterparty institutions and inter-bank system regulations. All transactions under this agreement are subject to the charters, rules, regulations, rules, regulations, rules, regulations, rules, regulations, rules, regulations, and regulations of the counterparty institution or other inter-bank market (and its clearing organization, if applicable) that execute the transaction. Customs, usage, rulings and interpretations, and enforce all applicable Hong Kong laws. If any laws or regulations passed thereafter, or any regulations adopted by any government agency, have binding force on the reciprocity market, affect or conflict with any clause of this agreement, the affected clauses will be deemed to be changed or replaced by relevant laws and regulations. The other terms and the changed terms will continue to be fully effective. The client acknowledges that all transactions under this agreement are subject to the aforementioned regulatory requirements.

6. Consent to cross transactions The client hereby acknowledges and agrees that the following situations may occur, that is, a certain business person, director, affiliate, affiliate, employee, bank or bank employee, dealer, and Change markets itself may be the counterparty broker or principal of the transaction conducted on the client's account. The customer hereby agrees to conduct the above-mentioned transactions, and the only restrictions are any possible regulations or regulations of the bank, institution, exchange or trading committee that executes the purchase order, or any possible restrictions and conditions of other regulatory agencies.

7. Account settlement and payment of arrears
If the following happens:
(a) The client is dead or judicially declared incapable;
(b) The client applies for bankruptcy, or appoints a custodian, or the client automatically and passively carries out any bankruptcy or similar litigation;
(c) Detain any accounts opened by customers in Change markets;
(d) The margin is insufficient, or Change markets determines that any collateral used to protect one or more accounts of the customer is insufficient to guarantee the account, regardless of the prevailing market price;
(e) The customer fails to provide Change markets with any information required under this agreement;
(f) For any other circumstances or changes in which Change markets should take protective measures, Change markets has the sole discretion to decide to take one or more of the following actions;
(i) Use the funds or property kept or controlled by Change markets on behalf of the customer to offset the debts the customer owes to Change markets directly or as a result of providing guarantees;
(ii) Buy or sell any foreign exchange and commodity CFD orders held for customers;
(iii) Cancel any or all outstanding orders, or any other promises made on behalf of the customer. Any of the above actions may not be subject to the following conditions: that is, a requirement to provide a margin or a margin call, or to notify the customer, the customer’s personal representative, heir, principal or transferor, etc. of the purchase and sale decision in advance, regardless of whether the ownership interest involved is Exclusive to the customer or in combination with others. To liquidate the long or short position of the customer, in order to establish Change markets judged that it is beneficial to protect or reduce the price difference or the same price of the customer's existing position. According to the judgment and discretion of Change markets, the buying and selling behavior described here can be conducted through any inter-bank or other trading market where business is frequently conducted, or public auction and private sale, and Change markets can buy all or part of it without the right of redemption. limit. Upon the request of Change markets, the customer will be responsible for the arrears of his account at any time, and at any time when his account is fully or partially closed by Change markets or his own account for the remaining arrears. If the funds realized by the liquidation under this authorization are not enough to pay the debts owed by the customer to Change markets, upon request, the customer will immediately pay the debt, all outstanding debts, and the corresponding interest (calculated as follows: Change markets at that time The preferential interest rate of major banks plus 3% or the highest interest rate stipulated by law, choose the lower one), and all collection fees, including attorney fees, witness fees, travel expenses, etc. If Change markets pays other fees in addition to collection arrears due to the client's account, the client also agrees to pay such fees. For the avoidance of doubt, Change markets can completely decide to merge the accounts under the customer's name, and the surplus will offset the debit difference between the accounts.

8. Risk-bearing Clients undertake to invest in leverage or leveraged transactions are speculative and involve a high degree of risk, and are only suitable for those who can bear the risk of loss in excess of their margin deposits. The client understands that because foreign exchange and commodity CFD transactions usually require relatively low margin, price changes in foreign exchange and commodity CFDs may bring considerable losses, which may exceed the client's investment and margin deposits. The client guarantees that he is willing and able to bear the risks of foreign exchange and commodity CFD transactions financially or otherwise, and the client agrees not to follow the trading recommendations or suggestions made by Change Markets or its employees, agents or representatives Change Markets shall be held liable for the loss of the transaction. The client recognizes that it is impossible to guarantee the profit or freedom from loss of foreign exchange and commodity CFD transactions. The client acknowledges that it has not obtained such guarantees from Change Markets, or any of its representatives, or introducers, or other entities with which the client deals with Change Markets transactions, and has not entered into this agreement based on any of the foregoing guarantees.

9. The risk of changes in foreign exchange and commodity CFDs If the customer instructs Change Markets to sign a currency transaction:
(a) Any profit or loss due to price changes will be fully borne by the customer;
(b) All initial or subsequent margin deposits will be calculated in U.S. dollars, and the amount will be determined by Change Markets at its discretion;
(c) The Change Markets Group is authorized to exchange funds in customer accounts out or into foreign exchange and commodity CFDs at a price determined by its independent exercise of discretion based on the prevailing prices of foreign exchange and commodity CFDs for additional purposes Margin.

10. Change Markets' responsibilities. Mutual Exchange will not be responsible for the delay in the transmission of orders due to failures in transmission or communication facilities, short circuits in power, or any other reasons beyond Change Markets' control or prediction. Change Markets will only be responsible for actions directly caused by the negligence, deliberate fault or fraud of the reciprocal market. Exchange Markets will not be responsible for losses caused by the negligence of any introducer or other participant hired by Change Markets in accordance with this agreement.

11. Statements and confirmation reports of confirmed orders and customer account statements will be regarded as correct, final and binding on the customer, unless the customer immediately objects within one day of receiving the report from the Change Markets platform or other methods. And confirm in writing. The deposit urge will be final and binding, unless an objection is made in writing immediately. As an alternative to mailing transaction confirmations, Change Markets will provide customers with internet login to check their accounts at any time. Client's written objection should be sent to the latest office address provided on the Change Markets website. The address may change from time to time. Please request a return receipt. If there is no objection, all actions taken by Change Markets or its introducer before the client receives the above report will be deemed to have been approved. The customer's failure to receive the transaction confirmation will not relieve him of his obligation to make the above objection. Please refer to “Agree to electronically transmit transaction confirmation and billing”.

12. Communication reports, statements, notices and other communications may be delivered to the customer's email, the address on the application form or other addresses designated by the customer in writing to Change Markets from time to time. All communications so sent, whether by mail, telegram or other means, once put into the relevant postal agency or received by the sending agency, it is deemed to have been transmitted by Change Markets and is deemed to have been delivered to the customer, regardless of whether the customer is Actually received.

13. Fees Customers will pay the introducer fees, commissions and special services or all other fees (including but not limited to premiums and discounts, report fees, idle account fees, order cancellation fees, transfer fees and Other fees), fees (including but not limited to fees charged by inter-bank institutions, banks, contract markets or other regulatory or self-regulatory organizations). Change Markets may charge commissions, fees and/or charges without notice. The client agrees to pay Change Markets the interest on the amount owed (calculated as follows: at the time the Change Markets main bank preferential interest rate plus 3% or the highest interest rate stipulated by law, choose the lower one). All these costs will be paid by the customer when they occur, or at the discretion of Change Markets. The client authorizes Change Markets to withhold the above fees from his account. The client agrees to pay the transfer fee determined by Change Markets when it instructs Change Markets to transfer the open positions, funds, and/or property of its account to another institution. Change Markets confirms that all prices quoted to customers do not include premiums and discounts. Depending on the foreign exchange and commodity CFDs being traded, premiums or discounts are charged to customers, including buying or selling. The premiums or discounts will be adjusted regularly. It is recommended that customers read the online revisions. The client agrees to be personally responsible for the taxes and fees levied by the government on all transactions or benefits derived from trading activities. The customer also agrees to directly deduct or deduct these taxes or fees from the customer's account upon expiry.

14. Margin deposit and withdrawal arrangements. Customers must provide and maintain the margin amount set by Change Markets from time to time to Change Markets. The amount of this margin may be higher or lower than the counterparty institution's requirements. Change Markets may change margin requirements at any time. The client agrees that when Change Markets makes a request, it will immediately replenish the funds, and promptly meet all margin requirements by the transfer method required by Change Markets, and any remittance and transfer costs involved in the process, including bank handling fees, exchange rate differences and all related fees are all The customer is responsible. The customer fully understands that Change Markets needs time to process the deposit of the relevant customer. The customer may not be able to use the newly deposited margin as a deposit for a new position immediately, and even more likely it cannot be used as a margin call. The customer agrees to bear everything due to failure in time Meeting the margin call requirements and facing the loss of forced liquidation, the loss can exceed the initial margin invested by the customer. Change Markets may liquidate the client's account at any time in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Even if Change Markets does not exercise this right, it does not mean that it has waived this right. Any previous margin requirements of Change Markets will not prevent Change Markets from increasing the aforementioned margin requirements without notice. The customer has the right to notify Change Markets to withdraw the designated available cash balance at any time, and the customer agrees that any remittance and transfer fees involved in the process, including bank handling fees, exchange rate differences and all related fees are the responsibility of the customer. The customer fully understands that Change Markets needs time to process the customer's withdrawal, and the customer may not receive the withdrawal amount immediately. The client agrees not to hold Change Markets liable for any failure to meet its own withdrawal requirements in a timely manner. The customer confirms that once the withdrawal request is issued, Change Markets will immediately deduct the amount from the customer's account balance.

15. If more than one natural person acts as a client to implement this agreement in a joint account, these natural persons agree to jointly and individually bear the responsibilities of this agreement. To open a joint account, each account holder must sign on a copy of the identity certificate, and the signature sample will be used for verification. In addition, to withdraw money, change information or close the account, you must fill in the form provided by Change Markets, and the account holder must sign and return the relevant form. The form can be downloaded from the official website of Change Markets. The joint account is held by more than one account holder (hereinafter referred to as “joint account holder”):
(a) The responsibilities and obligations under this agreement will be deemed to be collectively and individually fully borne, and any appellation related to the customer will be applied to each joint account holder;
(b) Confirm that it has the right to independently handle the account with respect to this agreement, including but not limited to executing transactions and receiving all correspondence and documents related to the account;
(c) Have the right to collect or withdraw money or deposit money on behalf of the account;
(d) Execute the agreement on the account and trade with the exchange market with full authority. Change Markets reserves the right to require all parties to the account to take joint actions on account matters. Change Markets has the right to recourse and control the rights and interests of each joint account holder's individual or joint account for all outstanding debts of the relevant account. If one or more parties to the joint account owner dies, Change Markets shall be notified in writing and a death certificate shall be presented. All fees up to the date of notification will be deducted from the account. Each joint account owner is assumed to have an equal share.

16. Waiver or change any terms of this agreement cannot be waived or changed, unless the waiver or change is in writing and signed by the customer and the supervisor authorized by Change Markets. Any interaction process between the parties to the agreement, or the failure of Change Markets or other agents to adhere to the rights under the agreement under any circumstances or a series of circumstances, shall not be indirectly interpreted as a waiver or change of rights. Any oral agreement or instruction cannot be recognized or enforced.

17. Termination of this agreement will be effective until termination, and the customer can terminate the agreement at any time, as long as the customer does not hold open positions in foreign exchange and commodity CFDs, does not have any debts to Change Markets, and the Change Markets office Actual receipt of a written termination notice, or any time Change Markets delivers a written termination notice to the client, it will take effect from the close of the market on the day when the notice is issued, provided that such termination will not affect any previously signed transactions and will not cancel any party under this agreement Of any obligation, or release the customer’s responsibility for any arrears.

18. The client agrees to compensate, if the client fails to fulfill its promise in full and in a timely manner or because its statement or guarantee is not true or correct, it brings any debt, loss, damage, cost or expense to Change Markets, including attorneys The customer will compensate Change Markets, its related institutions, employees, agents, heirs and transferors, and protect them from damage. The client also agrees to immediately pay to Change Markets any damages, costs and expenses, including attorney fees, incurred in the execution of any provisions of this agreement. In addition, if the loss comes from:
(i) Customer’s actions: actions of customers or authorized persons or their omissions;
(ii) Forged signatures: forged signatures or unauthorized signatures on all accounts or related documents of this agreement;
(iii) Failure: system failure, equipment failure or system interruption or system out of supply (whether it is a customer or Change Markets equipment)
(iv) Delay: delay, failure or error in the implementation of any instructions;
(v) Information: For incorrect or incomplete instructions received from customers, Change Markets will not be liable for any of the above responsibilities or compensation for losses.

19. Transaction recommendation client acknowledgement
(i) Any market recommendations and information provided to customers by Change Markets or any other company's internal personnel does not constitute an invitation to buy or sell foreign exchange and commodity CFD contracts or solicitation to buy or sell foreign exchange and commodity CFD contracts;
(ii) Such endorsements and information, although based on information sources that Change Markets believes to be reliable, may be entirely based on the opinions of a certain broker, so such information may be incomplete or unconfirmed;
(iii) Change Markets does not make any guarantee for the accuracy and completeness of any information or transaction recommendations provided to customers, and it is not responsible for this. The client acknowledges that Change Markets and/or its supervisors, directors, affiliates, affiliates, shareholders or representatives may hold certain foreign exchange and commodity CFDs or intend to buy or sell certain foreign exchange and commodity CFDs, and such transactions will also receive Market recommendation, the market position of Change Markets or its above-mentioned executives, directors, affiliates, affiliates, shareholders or representatives may not be consistent with the recommendations obtained by the customer from Change Markets. The client acknowledges that Change Markets has not made any guarantees regarding the tax implications or benefits of the contract.

20. The customer declares and guarantees:
(a) The client has a sound mind, has reached the legal age, and has legal capabilities;
(b) The client hereby guarantees that regardless of any subsequent rulings to the contrary, except as mentioned in (i), the client has sufficient ability to conduct foreign exchange and commodity CFD transactions;
(c) The client is not currently employed by any exchange, any company that holds most of the capital on any exchange, any member of any exchange, or any company registered on the exchange, any bank, trust institution or insurance company, once If the customer accepts the above-mentioned employment, the customer must immediately notify the Change Markets business headquarters in writing;
(d) All the information provided in the information section of this booklet is true, correct and complete as of this date. Customers will promptly notify Change Markets of any information changes.
(e) Clients shall fully comply with relevant local laws and regulations, including obtaining the consent of the government or other parties in order to comply with any other procedures that must be followed in these regions or jurisdictions, as well as the need to pay any local doubles due to the use of this platform for transactions. Tariff items, tariffs and other amounts. When a customer trades on this platform, it will be deemed that the customer has declared to Change Markets that it has complied with local laws and regulations. If the customer has any questions about the situation, please consult a professional consultant.

21. Financial Information Disclosure The client declares and guarantees that the financial information disclosed to Change Markets accurately expresses the client's current financial situation. The client further declares and warrants that when determining its net value, assets and liabilities have been carefully calculated, and liabilities are deducted from the assets to determine the net value provided by the client in the financial information. The client declares and warrants that when determining the value of the asset, the client includes cash and or cash equivalents, negotiable securities, own real estate (excluding the main residence), the cash value of life insurance and other valuable assets. The client declares and guarantees that when determining the liabilities, the client includes the promissory notes (guaranteed or non-cash guarantee) payable to the bank, the promissory notes payable to relatives, mortgage loans payable to real estate, (excluding basic residence) and other bonds. The client declares and warrants that when determining its current assets, the client only includes assets that can be realized quickly (within one day). The client declares and warrants that it has carefully considered the portion of client assets that can be risk capital. The client guarantees and declares that risk capital refers to the amount of capital that the client is willing to put it into risk, and even if it loses, it will not bring any change to the client's lifestyle. If the customer's financial situation changes so as to reduce the customer's net worth, current assets and/or risk capital, the customer agrees to notify Change Markets immediately.

22. No guarantee of profit or limitation of loss. The client guarantees and declares that it has not entered into any separate agreement with the client’s introducer or any Change Markets employee or agent regarding the transaction of its Change Markets account, including any guarantee of its account profit or limitation of loss The client agrees that it has the responsibility to inform Change Markets of any such agreement immediately in writing. In addition, the customer agrees that if any statement made by any person about the trading account is different from the statement obtained by the customer from Change Markets, the customer agrees to bring it to Change Markets' attention in writing. The customer understands that it must grant authorization before executing each transaction, unless the customer grants the license to another person by signing the Change Markets Transaction Authorization (LPOA); and any disputed transaction must be submitted to Change in accordance with the notification requirements of the transaction agreement Markets' attention. If the customer fails to promptly notify Change Markets of any damage or debt caused by any dispute, the customer agrees to compensate Change Markets so as not to damage it. The notice under this clause needs to be sent to the office of Change Markets.

23. The credit report client authorizes Change Markets, or its agent, to investigate the credit status of the client in the name of Change Markets and contact Change Markets for this purpose as appropriate (all) banks, financial institutions and credit institutions related to the verification of the client's information. The client further authorizes Change Markets to investigate its current and past investment activities, and for this purpose, contact futures dealers, exchanges, brokers/dealers, banks, and legal information centers deemed appropriate by Change Markets. If the customer makes a request to Change Markets in writing, the customer can be allowed to copy the above records, and the cost is entirely borne by the customer.

24. The recording client agrees and acknowledges that, regardless of whether automatic warnings are used or not, all communications between the client and Change Markets or its staff involving client accounts may be electronically recorded. The client further agrees that in disputes or litigation involving any client or Change Markets, either party may use such recordings or transcripts as evidence. The client understands and agrees that Change Markets regularly deletes such recordings in accordance with its established business procedures.

25. The consent of the jurisdiction and place of jurisdiction All disputes, disputes or claims, breach of contract termination or invalidity of the contract due to this contract or related to this contract shall be resolved through arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the currently effective arbitration rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law from the day the arbitration occurs.

26. Agreement Modification Customers understand, confirm and agree that Change Markets may revise the terms of this agreement from time to time, and Change Markets will announce these modifications or changes on the company's official website to notify customers. Customers should regularly review the amendments to the relevant terms and agree to be bound by them.

27. On the settlement day and extension, all foreign exchange and commodity CFDs will be displayed in the customer's account in U.S. dollars on the trading day, and will be cleared within 48 hours, with U.S. dollars as the settlement currency. Positions will be automatically closed after an additional 48 hours, unless (i) the customer gives satisfactory instructions for delivery, which shall be in accordance with Change Markets’ practices, usual charges and redelivery fees; (ii) Change Markets accepts the customer’s order Single and sole discretion to decide to hedge foreign exchange and commodity CFDs. Clients should indicate whether to deliver or hedge before noon on the working day before the settlement date of foreign exchange and commodity CFDs. If there is no timely instruction from the customer, Change Markets is authorized to decide at its sole discretion whether to extend the currency positions of all or any of the customers' Change Markets accounts, at the customer's risk. The customer's account will be charged interest when the foreign exchange and commodity CFD contracts are extended.

28. All funds, currencies and other property of the client under the mortgage agreement, if it is held by Change Markets or its affiliates at any time for the client (individually, jointly with others, or as a guarantor of any other person), or at any time by Change Markets is in charge or control for any purpose (including proper custody). Such property will be used as collateral by Change Markets, and may be subject to ordinary liens and hedging rights due to the customer's obligations to Change Markets, regardless of whether the customer opens in Change Markets The number of accounts. Change Markets may not notify the customer and exercise its discretion to invest all of the customer's funds, currency or other property into or transfer to any customer's account at any time or from time to time. The customer hereby also authorizes Change Markets to mortgage, remortgage, invest or lend to Change Markets itself or other parties any securities or other property that the customer uses as securities or collateral, either alone or together with the property of other customers. Change Markets does not need to return to the customer the property equivalent to Change Markets to other customers at any time. This authorization applies to all accounts opened by Change Markets for customers, and is fully valid until the customer pays all accounts (arrears) in full or before Change Markets issues a cancellation notice from the office.

29. Transfer of rights Change Markets can grant all or part of the rights or obligations of this agreement to anyone without the prior consent or approval of the customer.

30. High-risk investments In addition to the standard disclosures contained in this agreement, customers should pay attention to margin-based foreign exchange and commodity CFDs. Foreign exchange and commodity CFD transactions are one of the most risky investment methods in the financial market. , And only suitable for experienced investors and institutions. The account opened in Change Markets allows customers to conduct foreign exchange and commodity CFD transactions with a high leverage ratio (up to 100 times the client's account assets, which can be modified by Change Markets from time to time or in accordance with other applicable regulations). In view of the possibility of losing all of the investment, the funds for speculation in the foreign exchange and commodity CFD trading markets must be risk capital, and the loss will not have much impact on the financial status of the individual or organization of the customer. If the customer has only invested in low-risk investment tools in the past, the customer may need to learn foreign exchange and commodity CFD trading before the formal transaction. Customers need to realize that if the market trend is not as expected by the customer when trading foreign exchange and commodity CFDs, the customer may lose all the funds deposited in Change Markets as the initial margin. If the customer wants to continue the customer's investment, the customer must confirm that the customer's funds are pure risk capital, and the loss of these funds will not harm the customer's lifestyle or damage the customer's future retirement plan. In addition, the customer fully understands the nature and risks of foreign exchange and commodity CFD investments, and the loss suffered by the customer during the investment will not affect the third party.

31. E-mail confirmation If there is any change in the customer's e-mail address, the customer is responsible for notifying Change Markets of the change.

32. Address confirmation If there is any change in the customer's mailing address, the customer is responsible for notifying Change Markets of the change.

33. The client authorizing the transfer of funds hereby agrees that Change Markets may, at any time, according to the judgment of Change Markets and its affiliates, send and transfer the account held by the client alone or with others to and from another account of the client in Change Markets Or accounts opened by other approved financial institutions or their affiliates.

34. Agree to transmit transaction confirmation and billing through electronic transmission. The customer hereby agrees that, as an alternative to mailing and email, the customer's account information and transaction confirmation can be provided through the exchange market platform – the customer will log in to the account through the Change Markets platform Its account information. Change Markets will publish all account activities of customers, and customers will get daily, monthly and annual account activity reports (including reports of each executed transaction). Account information can be no more than after each transaction is completed. Get updates within 24 hours. The publication of account information on the customer’s online account will be deemed to have submitted a transaction confirmation and statement. At any time, the account information will include the transaction confirmation with the ticket number, the buying and selling price, the used margin, the amount of margin transactions that can be performed, the profit and loss report, and all positions and uncompleted orders. The customer can write in writing at any time Notify Change Markets to terminate this consent.

35. Privacy Policy The privacy policy of Change Markets Co., Ltd. (“Change Markets”) is to protect the rights and interests of customers in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Regulations, facilitate customers to open and maintain foreign exchange and commodity CFD accounts, and provide financing and finance Consultancy services. Change Markets faithfully monitors the personal information provided by its customers in a confidential manner. Except for legal approval, Change Markets will never give any non-public information to any individual. When a customer opens or maintains a trading account in Change Markets, the personal information provided will only be used for the company’s internal business purposes, such as assessing the customer’s financial needs, processing customer transactions and other requirements, and providing related products and Services, providing services on general transactions and confirming customer identities in accordance with regulatory procedures. The information that Change Markets needs customers to provide in order to operate includes:
(a) Personal information provided on Change Markets account application forms and other forms, such as name, address, date of birth, ID number, occupation, assets, and income information.
(b) Transaction information about customers and Change Markets and its affiliates.
(c) Information about the customer survey report company.
(d) Information about verifying the identity of customers, such as government documents, passports or driving licenses.

Change Markets will only make limited access to the information provided by customers and contact employees to provide relevant customer service and product introductions. Change Markets also only authorizes new account applications and credit inspectors to access relevant information through the electronic system. These procedural requirements are all to protect customers' non-public information from being disclosed and protect customers' privacy. Change Markets will not sell or rent the customer's name and personal information to any person.

Related Cookies: Cookies are a tracking device on the customer's hard disk, which can track and store information about the customer's use of online services. Change Markets may set and access Change Markets cookies on customers’ computers to help Change Markets understand those advertisements and promotions that attract customers to visit Change Markets’ websites. Change Markets and its branches may use cookies in Change Markets products and services to track customers' browsing on the Change Markets website. The collected and shared information is unnamed and cannot be individually identified.

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