Precious metals

As a longer-term investment product, trading and holding physical precious metals has become very popular among individual investors in recent years. For shorter-term investments, related derivatives trading and exchange contract trading are a simpler and lower-threshold trading method, allowing you to grasp opportunities in price fluctuations with lower capital investment.

Why trade gold and silver products?

Speculation, portfolio investment, risk diversification
You can go long and short; support multiple currencies, such as US dollar, Australian dollar, British pound and Euro
Quick circulation, restricted by many factors, can be regarded as an alternative trading product for foreign exchange

Gold :

The price of gold, unlike most commodities, is not dominated by production and consumption levels —— So far, most gold mines can continue to be mined and can re-enter the gold market. Therefore, gold prices are often swayed by political events and become a tool in turbulent times.


Silver, as a precious metal, has irreplaceable characteristics in large-scale industrial applications and the production of jewelry and silver products. Because it is widely used in the electronics industry and as a photographic photosensitive material, its price fluctuates more than many other metals.

Use the reciprocity market to trade foreign exchange

  • Floating spread

    The mutual exchange market provides floating spreads so that you can accurately understand the price paid during the transaction.

  • Negative balance protection

    No matter what happens during the transaction, you can rest assured that your account balance will never be less than zero.

  • Free guaranteed stop loss

    Set the lowest price you feel comfortable with, and set a stop loss to close the trade when that price is reached. Provide you with excellent risk management tools at no additional cost.

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